Facility Equipment

If you don’t see a piece of equipment listed here that is needed in order for you to perform surgery at Surgery Center of Volusia, please reach out to our Key Contacts for a comprehensive list.

General Surgery

  • High Resolution Monitors, Cameras, and Hi-Flo Insufflators
  • Multiple Types of Drains, Catheters, etc.
  • GI Capabilities
  • Smoke Evacuators
  • Electro Cautery Units
  • Esophageal Dilators

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Arthroscopy Instruments and Scopes, Stryker
  • Shaver, Stryker
  • Light Source, Stryker
  • Camera, Stryker
  • VCR/Sony Printer
  • Concept Cautery Electrode
  • Synthes Mini Fragment Set
  • Mini Driver - K-WIre Driver/Maxi Driver Dyonics, Smith + Nephew
  • Synthes Small Fragment Set
  • C-Arm
  • Hand Table - Allen Radiopaque
  • Automatic Tourniquet, Express Air
  • EBI External Fixator Set (Available upon request)
  • Bankhardt Shoulder Set (Available upon request)
  • Acufex Protrac Reat Entry ACL Instrumentation
  • Acufex ACL Instrumentation
  • Acufex Leg Holder
  • Richards 4.0mm Cannulated Screw Set
  • Stryker Battery Drill and Saw
  • Arthroscopy Pump, Stryker
  • ACL Instrumentation, Smith + Nephew
  • Pump, Stryker
  • Synthes 3.5 Cannulated Screw Set
  • Mitek I, Mitek II
  • Small Joint System, Stryker
  • Small Joint Instrumentation, Stryker
  • Dyonics Suction Punches
  • Acufex Shoulder Holder
  • Micro Hand tray
  • Stryker Cast Saw
  • Finger Traps

Pain Management

  • OEC C-Arm

Ophthalmology Surgery

  • Alcon Infiniti Phaco Units with Ozil Capabilities
  • Zeiss OPMI Microscopes
  • Camera, Monitor, DVR Connections
  • Lens Consignments, Alcon (others available upon request)
  • Electro-Cautery Unites, Valley Lab
  • Femtosecond Laser
  • Headlights
  • Electro-Cautery Units, Valley Lab
  • Stryker Camera and Light Source
  • Monitor and Printer, Stryker
  • Stryker Camera and Light Source
  • Monitor and Printer, Stryker

Podiatry Surgery

  • Stryker Ankle Scope
  • Stryker Camera and Light Source
  • Monitor and Printer, Stryker
  • Electro-Cautery Units, Valley Lab

Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Electro-Cautery Units, Valley Lab
  • 2.7mm Arthroscope
  • Stryker Camera and Light Source
  • Camera and Monitor, Stryker